Club Survey

Please let us know what events would support your clubs mission.

1- Not important for my club for my clubs professional developments

2 - Somwhat important for my clubs professional development

3 - Not sure if it would or would not be important for my clubs professional development

4 - Important for my clubs  professional development

5 - Very Important for my clubs professional development


ELT would set aside money to pay all or most of the cost of your club hosting a virtual conference on campus. Examples webinars, webcasting, tele conferences or others
To network and discuss club issues and concerns
Gather Club officers and/or Presidents to discuss club concerns. Some topics would include: Fundraising, motivating members and recruitment
As a club fundraising: Organize an all club bazaar in the Cafeteria / Student Lounge to sell holiday crafts or other items.
Please select all workshop ideas you would attend.