Additional Opportunities

What We Sell

Discounted Marcus Movie Theatre tickets

Madison College Athletics Apparel        

Headphones ($5 + tax)

Pedometers ($5 + tax)

Swim Caps ($4 or $5 + tax)

Swim Goggles ($15 + tax)

Locks ($5 + tax)

Locker Rentals ($15 per semester)

Towels ($5 + tax)


Equipment Checkout

Basketballs - Volleyballs - Soccer Balls - Footballs

* Must provide OneCard number 

Locker Rentals

Personal lockers are available to rent per semester or per year in the men's and women's fitness center locker rooms; lockers are $15.00 per semester (fall, spring, or summer). Free daily usage lockers are available in the fitness center and in the locker rooms as well.


Body Fat Testing

Calculating your body fat helps determine how much muscle/fat you have, and what you need to do in order to gain or lose weight/fat. When you make an appointment to have your body fat calculated, you will receive a detailed print-out with your body fat percentage, water retension percentage, lean muscle mass percentage, motabolic rate, nutrition, and health tips. The rate is $5.00 for students and $10.00 for staff and community. 

To set up an appointment, please contact Scot Vesterdahl.


Fitness Orientation

Free to all members: Our fitness counselors can show you how to use the equipment properly and start a basic workout program. Email Scot Vesterdahl to set up an appointment.


Corporate Memberships

Becoming a member of the Madison College Fitness Center with as few as two other employees qualifies you for our discounted corporate membership rate. Email Scot Vesterdahl for more details.


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