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Madison College offers the only Associate Degree Electron Microscopy Program in the country which comprehensively trains all students in SEM, TEM, materials sample preparation and biological sample preparation. Class work includes:

Scanning Electron Microscopy: including image processing, EBIC, backscatter, 3D images, scope parameters, beam-specimen interactions, etc.

Transmission Electron Microscopy: including full alignment, bright and dark field imaging, diffraction, dark field, magnification and beam rotation calibration, contamination rates, etc.

Materials Sciences: Single crystal and powder diffraction analysis, metallurgy, tripod polishing, jet thinning, extraction replicas, metallurgical polishing and etching, preparation of geological and ceramic samples, etc.

Biological Sciences: general ultrastructure, solution preparation, fixation, embedment, and ultramicrotomy of TEM samples; CPD, cryo-fracture, freeze drying, and chemical processing of SEM samples, etc.

X-Ray Analysis: qualitative analysis, standardless quantitative analysis, line scans, x-ray maps, etc.

Image Processing: Digital image capturing, image resolution, file formats, archiving, ethical adjustments, filtering protocols, colorizing, basic analysis techniques, and using images for reports, slides shows and poster presentations.

Equipment Maintenance: filament-aperture cleaning and changing, vacuum pump oil change, electrical diagnostics, vacuum system problem diagnostics and maintenance of related EM equipment.

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