Top 10 Tips for college email

  1. College email is the offficial form of college communications to all students - so be sure to use your college email.
  2. Your email address =
  3. Blackboard, directories & our college systems connect automatically to your college email account.
  4. Don't remember your username and/or password? Reset your password or re-activate your college network account.
  5. Stay Organized— Add Appointments and Meetings, even your class times to your Calendar; and use Tasks to keep an electronic to-do list
  6. Easily add your own personal Contacts or use the Global Address List for students, faculty & staff.
  7. Improved, advanced organization, search & communication features.
  8. Web-based, easy to access, secure storage.
  9. Support for many mobile devices.
  10. Check the email help pages and the email updates web pages for more information.

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