About Patient Care Pathway

Madison College is piloting a program called the Patient Care Pathway.  This project was designed to help students interested in the health and veterinary programs become program eligible.  The goal of this program is to help you meet the qualifications to apply to your program in fewer semesters by focusing your studies on what you really need in order to succeed in your program and later in your career.

The Patient Care Pathway has three different tracks, CNA, Patient Care 1 and Patient Care 2.  

CNA with Support

CNA is a Nursing Assistant course with a Support class along with it.  It is a good fit for students who have a COMPASS Reading score lower than 80.

Patient Care 1

Patient Care 1 has two degree credit classes in it, Medical Terminology and Body Structure and Function, which are either required classes or recommended classes in many health programs.  Patient Care 1 also has a number of support classes in math, reading and student success to prepare you for success in your classes and your program.  Because of the support classes, you are able to take the Medical Terminology and Body Structure and Function classes with lower COMPASS scores than you would be able to otherwise. This means you may be eligible to take them now, without taking any math, writing or reading first or retaking the COMPASS.  The COMPASS scores required to participate in Patient Care 1 are a Pre-Algebra 30, Reading 61 and Writing 31. 

Patient Care 2

Patient Care 2 has three classes, Chemistry, a unique class called Applied Math for Chemistry and Written Communication with a focus on the health and veterinary professions.  The Applied Math for Chemistry class allows students to take Chemistry with lower COMPASS scores without taking a math prerequisite first. This means you may be eligible to take Chemistry right away without retaking the COMPASS or taking a math class first.  The COMPASS scores required to participate in Patient Care 2 are a Pre-Algebra 30, Reading 80, Writing 70. 

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