About the Pow Wow

A pow wow is an event where Native people gather for dancing, singing, visiting with friends and relatives, renewing old friendships and making new ones. Most important, it is a time to think of the old ways and to preserve centuries old heritage. Many are held at specific times of the year to celebrate significant events in the cycles of life. As with all cultures, the songs cover a wide variety of subjects important to the lives of tribal members- honor and family, war and conquest, festivity and spirituality, sadness and mourning, joy and celebration. However, pow wows are not just for Native people.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend and participate. 

What you can expect to see when you walk onto the powwow grounds is a large open circle with drums set up in the middle.  The circle is called the “dance arena” and is very sacred.  The pow wow will begin with a grand entry which honors eagle staffs, various Nations and War Remembrance flags, Veterans and each individual styles of dancers in their traditional regalia.  During Grand Entry, only dancers in regalia are allowed to dance.  When the Emcee announces “Intertribal” songs EVERYONE is invited to dance.