About the Program

The Associate of Applied Arts degree in Interior Design is a two-year associate degree program. Upon successful completion of the program, students are prepared for entry-level employment in the professional field of Interior Design. Our graduates find employment with interior design and architecture firms, furniture stores, flooring stores, paint and decorating centers, building centers, kitchen and bath design firms and office dealerships.

Students in the program learn to design interior spaces that are functional, safe and beautiful. In the first year courses, students gain fundamental and technical knowledge in design principles, reading and drawing floor plans, building construction techniques, materials and finish selection and space planning. Students also build their skills in computer-aided drawing using AutoCAD and SketchUp. 

In the second year, students apply their knowledge to designing commercial and residential spaces, with an emphasis in corporate offices, residential remodeling and kitchen and bath design. Throughout the program, current trends and issues such as sustainable design (environmentally friendly, or “green” design), professional conduct, and the changing workplace are part of all our classes. Students also gain hands-on experience through various field trips, industry trade shows and internship opportunities in the design community.

Mission: The Madison College Interior Design Program provides students with a solid foundation to become professional interior designers by offering a quality program of learning opportunities that enables the development of the relevant conceptual, aesthetic, analytical and technical skills necessary to acquire entry-level positions in this continually evolving profession.

Vision: Interior Design Program at Madison Area Technical College is an innovative and creative program that is valued and respected in the community fostering student success through a world-class education which provides students with a solid foundation to become professional interior designers.

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