About Us

About the Writing Center at Madison College

The Writing Center’s primary mission is to help members of the Madison College  community become more effective, confident, and successful writers.

The Madison College Writing Center is a free service to Madison College students available at every Madison College campus, including regionals. For those of you who attend Madison College at Reedsburg, Portage, Watertown, and Fort Atkinson, as well as all four Madison campuses, you have access to a real, live Writing Center tutor! Virtual Services are also available.
The Writing Center’s primary mission is to help members of the Madison College community become more effective, confident, and successful writers. Our Writing Center is staffed with teaching faculty from various writing-intensive disciplines, such as English, and a large number of  peer tutors. Consultations are one-on-one, private and confidential. Our services are client-centered; we ask you to specify your writing goals at the beginning of each consultation. The scope of our assistance may be limited by faculty or Madison College policy.
There are several types of writing center consultations, and your first step is to determine which type is right for you: face-to-face, online conferencing, or email draft review. 

How We Help

Madison College student writers can expect to receive help overcoming writer's block; developing critical thinking skills; understanding the material to be written; planning, organizing, revising, and editing papers; designing oral presentations; and analyzing the rhetorical demands of a writing assignment. The Writing Center also holds workshops on special writing topics and assists faculty with assigning and evaluating writing.

You can make an appointment, learn about upcoming workshops, download helpful handouts, and connect with Writing Center staff in this site. Before planning a visit, please read the Madison College Writing Center Policies.

Is the Writing Center for People Who Are "Bad Writers"?

No! Writing is a social act. All writers benefit from getting honest feedback from a peer. There are no “bad writers,” just people for whom the process of writing and thinking has not yet been clarified. 

Can I Drop My Essay Off for the Tutor to Edit and Pick It Up Later?

No. The Writing Center is a tutorial service, not an editing service. We will not edit or proofread your writing. We will have a conversation with you about your writing and provide you with helpful strategies and skills so that you can learn to edit your own work.You and the tutor will read through the assignment together during the 30 minute session.