Academic Advising and Transfer Services

Academic Advising and Transfer Services has friendly and knowledgeable staff to facilitate the academic success of Madison College students. Advising staff includes academic, retention and faculty advisors.

Our Advising team has created a NEW resource for students called the Advising Toolkit.  This tool kit contains important information students need to know in order to successfully navigate their advising experience at Madison College.

What is academic advising?

Academic advisors are trained and specialize in matters pertaining to educational planning and employment preparation. Academic advising services can help you define and implement a plan to meet your educational goals. Our advisors can assist you with:
  • Developing an educational plan

  • Course selection and planning

  • College transfer processes and requirements

  • College catalogs, college guidebooks, and scholarship information

  • Articulation agreements and transfer contracts with 4 year schools

How else can Madison College help me with academic advising?

  • Advisors are available at each campus to meet with students. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • A College Transfer Fair is held fall and spring semesters at the Truax campus for students interested in transferring to a 4-year school.
  • Schedules are available for college representative visits to the Truax campus.
  • Program specific advising is provided by each School advisor.
  • Issues to consider when changing degree programs at Madison College.

Frequently used online resources

Madison College course listing: Browse through the Madison College Online time table to find course listings and descriptions.

Transfer Wisconsin-Wizards: You can see how Madison College programs and courses will transfer to UW System schools.