Academic Policies

The Madison College Academic Policies and Procedures listing provides users with information, guidelines and documentation for administering student policy. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for reviewing and adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by the college's academic policies.

Click on any of the policies below to get more information regarding how the policy is defined, how it relates to students and staff, and the administration procedures in place.


Academic Integrity

Access to Student Records

Advanced Standing/Transfer Credit

Appeals Process


Auditing Classes



Class Size

Class Withdrawal

Classroom Attendance

Classroom Disruptions

Classroom Visits

Code of Conduct

College Transfer Courses

Conflict Management Services


Date/Deadline for "W"

Dean's List/Honors

Drop Deadline


Experiential Learning


FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Final Grade Disputes


Grade Point Average


Graduation Requirements




Incomplete procedure/policy







Officially Attempted


Privacy Policy


Program Withdrawal

Protection of Student Records



Recording of Classroom Instruction

Refund Policies


Repeated Courses


Student Identification Number

Student Responsibilities

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Study load