Academic Requirements (Text Version)

 How to view your Advisement Report

  1. From the top of the Madison College homepage, select myMadisonCollege.
  2. Enter username and password; click sign in.
  3. Click on the Student Center icon.
  4. Under the Academics heading, locate the “other academic” dropdown box and select “Academic Requirements”.
  5. The report will show your degree progress. Only students active in a program or certificate will have access to the Academic Requirements report.
  6. From the first section, review information on repeat coursework.
  7. Next, view Degree Career Summary, including your Cumulative GPA, total credits, transfer credits and courses not used to meet any program or certificate requirements.
  8. To view Transfer Credits, expand the “Total Advanced Standing Credit” section. For more details, return to the Student Center and select the Transfer Credit Report from under the Academics heading.
  9. Next, view degree progress, including satisfied, unsatisfied and in-progress requirements.
  10. Refer to the key for explanation of degree progress symbols: a green check mark indicates that you have taken the class, a yellow diamond means it is in progress and a blue star indicates that you have the course in your Planner.
  11. To print a copy of your Academic Requirements report, use the print option from your browser menu.
  12. To view Course Details, click on the hyperlinked course title and view class sections to see if the course is currently offered.
  13. You may also add the class to your planner for a future term.
  14. To go back to your requirements, click the “Return to My Academic Requirements” link.
  15. For assistance with accessing your Academic Requirements or for help making course selections, contact your academic or faculty advisor.