Academic Resources

Individual Assistance

Disability Resources

Students with disabilities can turn to Disability Resource Services for help obtaining the accommodations they need to succeed. Disability Resource Services assists students with various types of disabilities, including learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, orthopedic impairments, sensory disabilities and other health impairments. To ensure that accommodations are in place when classes begin, students should contact Disability Resource Services at least four weeks before the start of the semester.

Struggling in a certain subject? Peer tutoring can help!Peer Tutoring

Tutoring is available to any Madison College student at any campus and is available in more than 200 subjects. Students can get help on a walk-in basis or as a scheduled one-on-one session. Students can also serve as tutors for their peers and receive hourly pay for their work. 

The Writing Center

Students who need help with essays and research papers, creative writing assignments, personal essays for scholarships and college applications, and other types of written projects can visit the Writing Center at eight locations: Madison Truax; Madison Downtown; Madison South; Madison West; Fort Atkinson; Portage; Reedsburg; and Watertown campuses. The Writing Center is staffed by English department faculty members who are eager to provide their assistance.

Helpful Information

Grade Disputes

When a student believes that the final grade s/he has received in a course is inaccurate or unjustified, the student may dispute the grade. Procedures used to dispute a final grade must be initiated by the student by very strict deadlines or the student forfeits the right to dispute the grade. Review the Final Grade Dispute Procedures for details.


Are you nearing graduation? See how you can make sure you've met the graduation requirements and make plans to attend the commencement ceremony.

Rights and Responsibilities

It is important for the college and its many constituents that students know their rights and responsibilities reflective of the values of the college – excellence, integrity and respect. Learn about the rights and responsibilities that apply to all students of Madison Area Technical College.

Student Records

Learn how to access your student records and get a copy of your current transcript. For more information about your student records, contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.