Academic Self-Confidence

Academic Self-Confidence refers to your belief in your ability to perform well in school. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Does the idea of taking a test or completing a big project make you anxious? Check out these tools and resources to find and develop strategies to improve.

Recommended Workshops:

  • Study Skills for College: Learn the basic skills for success in college: Organization, Time Management, Note-Taking, Textbook Reading and More!
  • Motivation: Finding it and Keeping it: How can you stay positive and focused on achieving your dreams and goals? Learn tools and techniques to attain and maintain your educational and personal goals.
  • Test-taking Strategies: Learn how to prepare for and take exams. Special emphasis on multiple-choice test-taking tips. Learn how to improve your scores on multiple choice exams!
  • Final Exam Test-taking Strategies: Final exams can be tricky. Get last minute tips for preparing for and taking final exams.