Add/Drop Classes

Adding a Class

Registration procedures for adding a class:

  1. For as long as a class is on “reserved” status, a student must obtain the approval of the Center (program/academic) office offering the class.
  2. For full-semester (16-week) classes, a student may register through the first week of the class on a space-available basis online using the myMadisonCollege Student Center; in person at the Madison College Enrollment Centers; by phone at (608) 246-6210; or by mail using the Registration & Add/Drop Request Form (PDF, 841 KB).
  3. For all other classes, registration varies depending on course length, department and mode of instruction.
  4. The decision to add a student to a closed or blocked class rests entirely on the class instructor. The instructor may grant permission allowing a student to enroll in a class via self-service (prior to the last date to enroll for the class). Contact the school office (formerly center office) responsible for class if permissions have been granted and the last date to enroll has expired for assistance.

Class Waitlist Procedures:

  1. Waitlists are limited to 1 per course up to 12 units. Students may not be added to a waitlist if currently enrolled in another section of the course.
  2. Students must meet course requirements prior to placement onto a class waitlist.
  3. Students are automatically enrolled into classes as space becomes available and according to their position on the waitlist. Auto Enroll occurs up to 2 days prior to the class start date. If the class is scheduled to start within 2 days, students should check their Student Center for enrollment changes.
  4. Enrolled students will be notified by letter, email or personal contact after enrollment occurs. Students are responsible for monitoring their class schedule for enrollment status.
  5. If enrolled, students are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the class per the Refund Policy below.
  6. Waitlisted students are not officially enrolled and are not eligible to attend or receive a grade in the class.
  7. Students are ineligible for Auto Enroll from waitlists if a class time conflict exists, maximum units are exceeded or a registration hold has been placed. Students with registration holds, time conflicts or other registration blocks on their account must resolve them prior to Auto Enroll. Other eligible students may be placed in spaces as they become available. There is no guarantee that space will be available during resolution.
  8. Being on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment into a the class or that a new section will be made available for the same time frame or instructor.

Section Change & Class Swap

For information on other registration options for students adding and dropping classes at the same time, or changing sections, see Section Change & Class Swap.

Dropping a Class

The dropping of a class may be done online using the myMadisonCollege Student Center; in person at the Madison College Enrollment Centers; by phone at (608) 246-6210; or by mail using the Registration & Add/Drop Request Form (PDF, 858 KB).

Academic Calendar Drop Deadlines

A student may drop/withdraw from a course within the term prior to the 90% point of a class according to the Academic Calendar Deadlines below. Exact dates by class are available by signing on to the myMadisonCollege Student Center. Please reference FAQ #983 on askMadisonCollege for details and step-by-step instructions.

Add/Drop of classes is the student's responsibility. Instructors and other parties cannot add/drop classes for students.

Students may call the Enrollment Center, (608) 246-6210, for assistance with the understanding of drop dates and the estimated calculation in relation to individual class refund/reduction periods. Refund calculations are determined after a class is dropped and the tuition calculation process is run.

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