Admissions Appeal Process

If you received a letter indicating you were not accepted into the program you applied for, you may be interested in knowing how that decision was reached and what your options are.

Why was I not accepted into the program?

Admissions reviews all of the application materials provided when making the decision to accept or deny an applicant. Each program establishes an individual set of admission requirements, so that students entering the program have the necessary baseline knowledge or education to be successful in the program. All of the program's admission requirements must be met in order to be admitted into the program.

What are my options and next steps?

All applicants have the right to appeal their admission decision. Appeals must be submitted by the applicant within 45 days of the denial notification or, at the latest, by the program application deadline. Applicants submit an appeal by completing the Program Admission Appeal Form (PDF, 788 KB).

If you require more time, then we encourage you to apply to the program again after you have successfully met all admission requirements and have the documentation to support those requirements. Requirements can change from term to term; be sure to review the Admission Requirements for the program and term you are applying for by visiting the individual program web page. In the meantime, you may want to transfer your application to another program for which you have already met the qualifications, or contact an Admissions Advisor to discuss alternative program options. Please note that transferring an application can only be done within the same semester as the original application.

Note: The Program Admission Appeal Form is not to be used for residency-related requests. See the Residency Determination web page for information and access to the Residency Re-determination Form.

For additional admission appeals questions, submit an Admissions Category question via your myMadisonCollege myAnswers account or call (608) 246-6210.