Motorcycle Advanced Rider Course (ARC)

This course is for experienced or seasoned riders who wish to enhance their personal risk management, improve perception and hazard awareness, and improve cornering, braking, and crash avoidance skills. The course is comprised of approximately three-plus hours of fast-paced classroom activities and five-plus hours of on-cycle riding

Riding Boot

that emphasize cornering finesse, body positioning, and braking in a controlled riding environment. Even the most seasoned rider will be challenged by the activities offered in this course.

To Register Create an Account. Returning students can also register by phone (608-246-5257).

Advanced Rider Class Schedule

Ready For Class? Here's what you want to know:


  • Valid Motorcycle License
  • Motorcycle with:
    • Proof of Ownership
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Insurance
  • Riding gear

ARC Syllabus

Riding Gear  - You can't ride without it!

Waiver for students under 18 years Minors must present a signed copy to the instructor at the first class meeting

WI Motorcyclists' Handbook

Motorcycle Safety office: (608) 246-5257 or
For more information about Wisconsin license requirements, please visit the Department of Motor Vehicles.