Agricultural Equipment Technology FAQs

When can I start the program? 

You can only apply to start the Agricultural Equipment program in the fall semester.

When can I apply, and how can I apply?

The Agriculture Equipment Technology program accepts students for the fall semester only. You may apply as early as September 1 for the following fall. Click here to apply.

What are the admissions requirements? 

Students must have four things in place before they can be admitted into the program:

  1. Schedule an appointment with Bob Gray, the lead instructor. He can be reached at 246-6834 or
  2. You must have a John Deere employer sponsor. Bob Gray, the lead instructor, can assist you if you don’t have a sponsor, but you will need to complete an interview process with the dealer.
  3. You must take the COMPASS test, including mechanical reasoning. If they are not high enough, you may need to take developmental coursework in English and math before you can be admitted into the program.
  4. You must apply online

Does this program have a waitlist?

No, this program typically does not have a waitlist.

What is the cost of tuition? 

Go to Madison College’s tuition webpage to see approximate cost per semester for every program.

How long is the program and what kind of diploma/degree will I receive? 

The program will take two years to complete if you take all classes each semester in sequence. It is an associate degree program.

What is a typical schedule? 

Typically, students will be in class for half of the semester, and the other half of the semester they will be working at the site of their sponsor.

Can I start working towards graduation requirements before I am accepted into the program? 

Yes. You may take general studies classes before you enter into the program. To find these classes, look at the Agriculture Equipment Technology curriculum, which lists all required classes. General studies courses are identified by an 800 course number (for example, Intro to College Math is 10-804-106).


Can I just take one or two of the Agricultural Equipment Technology classes without applying to the program? 

No. Because of the special employer sponsorship requirements, a student must be admitted into the program to take Agriculture Equipment Technology program courses.