Alumni & Friends

Since 1973 Madison College alumni and friends have helped the Foundation award $14 million in financial assistance to more than 38,000 Madison College students. Students like Marjorie, Robin, and Stephanie have benefited from the communities' generosity.

'This college transformed my life. It still sounds a little strange to me to be Dr. Cook. I could never imagine that my life could be what it is today. We moved 33 times before I was in my teens...' - Marjorie Cook, Madison College Advisor and Alumni.

'Madison College prepared me to get a job and gave me the philosophy of giving more than you receive. I learned that success is not due to personal overachievement but by making the people around you the best they can be...' - Robin Roberts, founder of Roberts Construction and Alumni.

'This is the place that said, "Not only will we take you as you are, but we will refine what we see." Here I get teachers who challenge me. I'm treated as a student; not as the girl with the walker, not as the returning adult student, just "a student"...' - Stephanie Pamperin, Liberal Arts Transfer student.

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The Foundation solicits, manages, and distributes gifts from alumni, corporations, foundations, community organizations, and other friends of the College. These generous gifts enhance the College's ability to provide an accessible, high quality education to students and help develop a highly skilled workforce for South Central Wisconsin.

Overall, the Foundation has disbursed more than $14 million in financial assistance to more than 38,000 Madison College students.

Why Give?

Giving Benefits Madison College!

Madison College derives most of its funding from tax revenues and student fees. There are many needs that cannot be met from these sources, including student scholarships and the development of new programs and projects to advance the College's mission. You can help individual students, the College, and the wider community served by the College through your gifts to the Madison College Foundation.

Giving Can Benefit You!

Of course, the greatest benefit is the knowledge that you have helped Madison College students to receive a better education, whether for a skilled trade or for college transfer. You can also pay tribute to significant persons and organizations through a named scholarship, loan or grant fund or endowment fund. Donations to Madison College are tax-deductible. And, for some donors, giving through wills and trusts can help with estate planning.