General Admissions


Degree Programs
To earn a degree, apply to a Madison College program, get an earlier registration date, or receive financial aid, you need to apply for admission.

To earn a certificate, you need to apply for admission. Some certificates may require application directly to the academic School. Refer to the Certificate web page for more information.

To apply to an apprenticeship program, contact the trade you are interested in, or call our Apprenticeship office at (608) 246-6102.


Class Registration


If you just want to take a class or two, but don't want to earn a degree, you only need to register.


Basic Education


If you want to take English as a Second Language or basic skills classes (such as reading, writing, math, science or computer skills) to help you prepare for college, call (800) 322-6282, ext. 2440 or (608) 258-2440.


International Students


If you would like to attend the college, but need an F-1 or M-1 student visa to do so, apply through the Center for International Education.