Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship is a way of training an individual for a specific job. It is based upon an agreement between an employee (you) and an employer (salon). An apprenticeship will allow you to learn in the environment you will work in with experienced people in the profession. A contract is drawn up between the salon owner and the student apprentice detailing the areas of training, hours of training, and salary during the training period. You will receive a salary during all phases of the training period including the hours you attend school. You will attend school four hours per week on one day and will work in the salon a minimum of 32 hours a week. Earn while you learn! All hours in school and at work are paid by your employer.

Cosmetologist apprentices train under a licensed professional learning the skills of cutting, styling, coloring, permanent waving, and color treating hair. In addition, most cosmetologists are trained to give manicures, pedicures, scalp and facial treatments, provide make-up analysis, and clean/style wigs and hairpieces. Continually changing fashion trends affect hairstyles and techniques, requiring successful professions to stay up to date in creating a total look for today's men, women, and children.

The apprenticeship requires at least 4,000 hours in which 288 hours are spent in paid-related classroom instruction. This instruction is 4 to 8 hours per week for three to four semesters. After completing the program, students may take the state test to be licensed as a practitioner.  For more information on classroom instruction please contact the Program Director John Fahey, Email:  Phone: (608) 258-2405.

Application Process

For a cosmetology apprenticeship, an applicant must find an apprenticeship with a sponsoring employer on his or her own (similar to looking for a job). Once the applicant has found a position, the employer starts the apprenticeship registration process by contacting a Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (BAS) Representative.

If your employer is in Dane, Rock or Green County, contact:

Tracy Jallah, ATR
Apprenticeship office – Area #06
Madison College
2125 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI  53704

Department of Regulation and Licensing
(608) 261-2390