AQIP Steering Team

Madison Area Technical College's AQIP effort is led by the Vice President of Enrollment Management with many responsibilities shared with the Manager of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. The AQIP Steering Team includes members from the College Council, an executive leadership group of the College as well as union representation. The AQIP Steering Team provides input and guidance on the coordination and development of all AQIP activities, particularly the portfolio process and improvement projects. The AQIP teams are broken out into each category (Nine categories in all) and each category has a team lead.

The AQIP Steering Team was formed to carry forward the results from the Vital Focus process to the Strategy Forum in 2003 and has since provided input to the management of the action projects and the development of the Systems Portfolio. The team is an on-going work team of the college.The Vice President of Enrollment Management is the sponsor.

The goal of the AQIP Steering Team is to:

  • Provide input to staff related to the coordination of AQIP projects and portfolio activities
  • Make decisions related to creating college support and involvement in continuous improvement
  • Make recommendations to the College Council for projects and improvements