Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Determination Procedure

Step 1

A Disability Resource Services (DRS) Specialist determines if assistive technology may benefit the student.

Step 2

The student meets with the Assistive Technology Specialist. The Assistive Technology Specialist will provide the student with training (or appropriate referral) for the equipment as necessary.  


The assistive technology is set up at one of the Madison College campuses, or loaned to the student using an Adaptive Equipment Loan Agreement. Please refer to the Equipment Check-Out Policy and Procedures. If the assistive technology is loaned out, the student must sign and follow the rules of the Adaptive Equipment Loan Agreement form. 


Madison College offers various types of assistive technology including, but not limited to:

  • Text-to-Speech Software

  • Voice Recognition Software

  • Screen Magnification Software

  • FM Systems

  • Adaptive Furniture

  • Adaptive Keyboards and Mice