Assistive Technology

Madison College offers various types of assistive technology including, but not limited to:

  • Text-to-Speech Software

  • Voice Recognition Software

  • Screen Magnification Software

  • FM Systems

  • Adaptive Furniture

  • Adaptive Keyboards and Mice

Assistive Technology Determination Procedure

Step 1

A Disability Resource Services (DRS) Specialist determines if assistive technology may benefit the student.

Step 2

The student meets with the Assistive Technology Specialist. The Assistive Technology Specialist will provide the student with training (or appropriate referral) for the equipment as necessary.  

Step 3

The assistive technology is set up at one of the Madison College campuses, or loaned to the student using an Adaptive Equipment Loan Agreement. Please refer to the Equipment Check-Out Policy and Procedures. If the assistive technology is loaned out, the student must sign and follow the rules of the Adaptive Equipment Loan Agreement form.