Basic Web Certificate

Nondegree Basic Web Design Certificate

Have you recently acquired new web responsibilities at your workplace?
Would you like to add web design skills to your resume?

Completing our nondegree Basic Web Certificate will give you the skills to create basic web sites and maintain CMS content. You do not need to pursue the Certificate to take any of these courses and you do not need to formally enter any program to earn this certificate. You will automatically earn the Certificate if you complete these required courses with Satisfactory grades within 3 years.

Basic Web Certificate Required Courses

Web Design Introduction
HTML and CSS Basics for Web
Adobe Photoshop Intro
Adobe Dreamweaver Intro 
• One noncredit CMS course (e.g. Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress)
Website Project Development

Additional Noncredit Courses (not part of the certificate)

Next-Generation Web Builders
Google Analytics
Intro to Programming with Java
Search Engine Optimization
WordPress Intermediate


To register, obtain the 5-digit class number from the links above and phone (608) 258-2301.  If you have never taken a class here before, you can facilitate enrollment by creating a student account before trying to register.