Steps to Become a Peer Tutor

If you demonstrate academic excellence in specific courses (as documented by a final grade of B or better) and have a desire to help others, you may have the qualifications to become a peer tutor.

There are a few steps necessary to become a Peer Tutor*:

  • View Orientation Part 1. Click the link to access a 7-minute presentation on the basics of becoming a Peer Tutor.  You will also be given access to paperwork.  When done viewing the presentation, simply close that window.
  • Schedule Orientation Part 2.  This is a 30-minute session with the tutor coordinator which follows up on information presented in Part 1.  You must also turn in the completed paperwork at this session. 
  • Participate in the paid training.  See the link on the right for a complete explanation of the training.  You will be able to sign up for a training session at Orientation Part 2. 
NOTE: Although not mandatory, we prefer to hire students who are eligible for Federal Work Study.  Check your financial aid award and/or with the Financial Aid department regarding your eligibility. 
*Completion of orientation and/or training does not guarantee hours will be available.