Biotechnology Laboratory Technician - 3 Year Program Option

Effective: 2012-2013
Program Number: 10-007-2

This plan of courses is provided for individuals who want to work part-time towards a Biotechnology Associate Degree.


The courses listed below outline the requirements for graduation for students entering this program in the 2012-2013 academic year. Requirements for graduation may vary depending on the semester in which a student is admitted to their program. Current/continuing students should consult their degree progress report available through their student center account for specific graduation requirements. Program requirements are subject to change. Curriculum is listed below or download a printer-friendly version of the 3-year curriculum plan (PDF, 28KB).

FIRST YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-110 Biotechnology Applications (1)
10-007-115 General Cell Biology (4)
20-806-201 General, Organic and Biological Chemistry* (5)
Semester Total Credits (10)

*Students who have not taken high school chemistry or General Chemistry at Madison College (10-806-134) should take 10-806-134 and see a Biotechnology Program instructor for advising to create a personalized three-year plan.

FIRST YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-136 Laboratory Math for Biotechnology (1)
10-007-103 Biotech. Lab. Skills for a Regulated Workplace (3)
10-806-105 Bioprocess Technology (3)
10-007-111 Biotech Career Seminar (1)
20-806-216 Chemistry for Biotechnology (3)
Semester Total Credits (11)

SECOND YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-108 Hazardous Materials (1)
10-007-123 Cell Culturing (3)
10-007-124 Molecular Biology I (3)
10-801-195 Written Communication† (3)
10-809-199 Psychology of Human Relations† (3)
Semester Total Credits (13)

† Or college transfer alternative

SECOND YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-104 Chromatography Techniques (3)
10-007-125 Research Methods in Molecular Biology (3)
10-007-174 Applied Microbiology (4)
Semester Total Credits (10)

THIRD YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-122 Protein Bioseparations Methods (3)
10-007-152 Making Biotechnology Products (2)
10-801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication† (3)
10-809-197 Contemporary American Society† (3)
Semester Total Credits (11)

† Or college transfer alternative

THIRD YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-007-112 Biotech. Employment Skills (1)
10-007-121 Applied Biochemistry (3)
10-007-126 Occupational Work Experience (3)
10-809-195 Economics† (3)
Semester Total Credits (10)

Note: Completion of the program requires a 3-credit elective. This elective can be taken any semester or during the summer.