Blackboard Access

blackboard logoHow do I access Blackboard? How do I login to Blackboard?

Use the quick links to Blackboard on the top of Madison Area Technical College web pages and most Library web pages.

OR - Go directly to the Blackboard login page at You may want to bookmark that login page on your personal computer. 

Login to Blackboard

  • You must have activated your Madison Area Technical College network account in order to get access to Blackboard.
  • To activate/reactivate your account or reset your password, go to myMadisonCollege and click on the "New Student? Set Up Access Now" or Login Help and Password Reset links.
  • New students and returning students who complete their new account or reactivate their student account usually should be able to log in to the Blackboard system within 5 minutes.
  • Please keep in mind that your courses may not be available in Blackboard immediately. Courses are available if instructors have requested courses be created in Blackboard and have made the courses available to students. If you do not see your course in Blackboard and expect to see the course, please contact your instructor. Why doesn't my class show up in Blackboard?
  • You do not need to log in to myMadisonCollege first in order to access Blackboard.
  • Account Information 

Blackboard Classes

From My Blackboard, you will see your Blackboard classes listed under the My Courses section. Please note:

  • Not all classes use Blackboard. Check with your instructor to see if your class will be using Blackboard.
  • Only students registered for a given course will be able to access to that course's Blackboard site.
  • If you are on a wait list for a class, you may have temporary Guest access, but you will not have access to all of the course materials in Blackboard. After you are officially enrolled as a student in the course, you will have access as a student.
  • Instructors may at their discretion merge or combine course sections into one combined course in Blackboard. Instructors may also change the name of the course. So students may register for a course, but see a course with a different name or number in their Blackboard MyBlackboard portal under My Courses. Please contact your instructor for confirmation.

FAQs about classes in Blackboard:

Remember to Logout

When you are using a public computer such as a campus computer, be sure to always log out of Blackboard when you are done. Closing the browser and even logging off a computer may not log you out of Blackboard. Be sure to click the log out button in the upper right corner of Blackboard. Online security and Blackboard.


Is Blackboard Accessible?

The Blackboard system is in compliance with Section 508 accessibility guidelines. Refer to Accessibility information from Blackboard. For more information, check the Using Blackboard with a Screen Reader Guide

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