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How do I check my grades in Blackboard?

If your instructor is posting grades for a class in Blackboard, here are a few ways you can access them:

  • From within a course: On the Tools box in the left navigation bar, Click on Course Tools, then Click on My Grades, or use any links provided by your instructor.
  • From your myBlackboard page: Use the Global Navigation tool by clicking on your name in the upper right corner - and select Grades
  • From your myBlackboard page: From the Tools module, choose My Grades.

More information:

My Grades - Blackboard Help SP13 for summer 2014 courses

My Grades - Blackboard Help SP14 for fall 2014 courses after August 8, 2014

Assignment Grades - SP13 for summer 2014 courses

Assignment Grades - SP14 for fall 2014 courses after August 8, 2014

Inline Grading: You may be able to view your grade and any comments your instructor made to your assignment submission right in your browser - directly from the assignment attempt without having to download the file, depending on the file type and browser.

How-To Video: Checking your grades in Blackboard 9.1

If your assignment has been submitted, but not yet graded, you may see a symbol indicating its status.

If your assignment has been submitted and graded, you'll see your grade.

If available, to view more details, click the Description, View Rubric, Comments, or Grading Criteria links.

Contact your instructor with any questions about your grades for a class.

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