Bomb Threat

The person receiving a bomb threat (or other threatening call) whether by phone or other means of communication shall proceed as follows:

  1. Do not hang up, keep talking to the caller. Document as much information from the caller as possible (e.g. bomb location, description, detonation time/method, etc.).
  2. Have another person on a different line, call:
      •  At all Madison sites: Contact Public Safety at (608) 245-2222 and state "This is (your name) and I have received a threatening call at (campus & room)."
      • At Regional Campuses: Dial Campus Administration office and state "This is (your name). I have received a threatening call at (room)." 

Remain by the phone until designated Public Safety staff respond, keep ALL information about the call confidential. Emergency staff will promptly advise you of next steps. Do not place the receiver back on the telephone.