CAM Math Classes (Computer Assisted Modular Math)

The Schools of Academic Advancement and Arts and Sciences are offering a different delivery model for mathematics called CAM Math (Computer Assisted Modular Math).  We are excited about this alternative option for students and believe that it can make the math experience a better fit for each individual student.  CAM Math uses software to guide students through the early math courses that prepare them for their program and transfer level math.  Currently there are two CAM Math courses being offered:

  1. CAM Math Topics in Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra
  2. CAM Math Topics in Elementary Algebra

 What is different about the CAM Math Classes and Traditional Classes

  • CAM Math uses computer software to work through modules at a flexible pace
  • Individual instruction provided by faculty during class
  • Less lecture, more guided practice                        

How will the class be organized/ what will instruction look like?

  • Students attend classes as scheduled (4 hours per week)
  • Material is customized, based on what  you already know
  • Software includes videos, Power Points, homework, and practice tests
  • At least 4-5 hours of homework expected per week
  • Module tests taken on computer during class time

Who should take the class?

  • Students who have a math Compass score of:
    • Pre-Algebra 1 -42 for CAM Math Topics in Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra
    • Pre-Algebra 43-99 or Algebra 1-39 for CAM Math Topics in Elementary Algebra
  • Independent and self-motivated learners
  • Comfort with and access to a computer and internet are essential

What about students who struggle and do not complete all of the modules?

  • All work is saved and carried over to the next term.  Students pick up where they left off.
  • Six week terms give the students more opportunities to enter and exit the courses

What books/materials are needed for these courses?

  • Students purchase access to My Math Lab software, which includes an electronic textbook
  • There are no additional costs

Are students required to have a computer and internet access at home?

  • A home computer and broadband connection are strongly recommended
  • Students who do not have computer access are held to the same standards

For additional information contact:
Lori Pennock (School of Academic Advancement)
Valerie Maciejewski (School of Arts and Sciences)