Career Counseling

Photo of Career SignageAt times, students may start college not knowing what career direction they may want to pursue. Others may find that their academic and career interests have changed or that their academic program or career situation is not meeting their needs.

Our goal is to assist you to better understand your values, interests, abilities, and personality style, so you can pursue a program and career that fits YOU! We want to make sure that you decide on a career that you will feel passionate about for years to come.

WHAT IS CAREER COUNSELING? Career counseling is designed to provide more intensive assistance to those who are having significant difficulties with career or program related concerns and may have already tried other resources. A Career Planning Workshop is a great first step and will allow a structured discussion between you and a counselor.   

WHAT HAPPENS IN AN APPOINTMENT? You share questions and concerns you may have regarding your program or career decision and your situation.   The career counseling process will generally help clarify and identify your personal interests, abilities, and values so that programs and career options may be identified for further exploration.

HOW MANY APPOINTMENTS ARE THERE? You will likely meet for one to three, 50-minute sessions with a counselor.  As part of your career counseling experience, you will be given suggestions regarding where you can learn more about the majors and occupations of interest.

WHAT ARE SOME OTHER CAREER RESOURCES? Access the Madison College Career Exploration resource page for more information. This simple 4-step career development process will help you explore your career options.