Catering Services

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Procedure to Request Catering Services

  1. Catering requests should be made at the same time your room is reserved.  Please contact Events by phone or email to discuss your next event, or fill out the web form to begin your event request. Call (608) 246-MEET (6338) or email at 

  2. Please make all arrangements for your event at least one week in advance. We make no guarantees that catering can be provided if an order is made less than one week in advance. However, this cannot be used as a way to circumvent using Madison College Catering Services (see Right of Refusal). 
  3. All other catering requests are to be done on the Catering website, please follow this link to complete your order:  any questions regarding catering should be e-mailed to or call at 243-4050.  Events should be contacted for room reservations for meetings only.

  4. Each catering service requires a form. Please do not submit one form for a multiple meal event or where food is to be served in multiple locations.

    • Please submit your final, guaranteed food count two business days prior to the event.
    • If a final food count is not submitted, your last estimate becomes the final count. Should you need to cancel your event or food order, notification must be received at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the event. If notification of cancellation is not made within forty-eight hours, you will be charged up to 25% of the catering estimate plus any direct costs incurred related to the order. 
    • After-hours catering may be assessed a minimum fee of $25. We will be able to cater events Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm at all campuses. All afternoon and evening catering must be obtained from an outside vendor, unless your event is 75 guests or larger. In that case, please contact Tammy Manthe at 243-4050 or Jason Walker at 243-4653.

  5. Please make sure you have included a room number for delivery (unless you plan to pick-up) and a chartfield number or billing address.

  6. Canned goods and other non-perishables are non-returnable.

  7. There will be a delivery charge of $10 on any order less than $50 at Truax or Downtown Campus. Catered events not held at the Truax or the Downtown Campus are subject to a minimum delivery charge of $25.

Right of Refusal (Outside Caterers)

Madison College Catering has the right of first refusal for all events, meaning all catering requests must be submitted through the Catering website, letter C in the (A-Z) reference.  Any questions regarding catering should be e-mailed to or call at 243-4050.  If it is determined that Madison College Catering cannot handle the request, Auxiliary Services will work with you to secure a caterer for your event. Based on the circumstances for going to an outside caterer, Auxiliary Services may assess an up-charge to the cost of the outside caterer.

Any event held in Madison College owned or leased spaces where food is served to the public must be prepared by a licensed caterer or food service provider. Private gatherings with pot-luck meals and similar contributed offerings will be the only exception. However, said gatherings must be fewer than 60 people unless the event is hosted by an organization not affiliated with Madison College.

Occasionally, special menu items (i.e. authentic ethnic meals) are requested which are best accommodated by an outside caterer. In those cases an outside vendor may be hired to provide the service. Auxiliary Services will work with you to secure a caterer for your event. 

PLEASE NOTE -that no invoices for an outside cater or food bought with an Madison College purchasing card will be paid by the Finance Office without a signed waiver from Auxiliary Services.

Table Setting

All catered events are served on high-quality disposable serviceware which is included in the cost of the meal. There is a service charge of $2 per person for plastic serviceware when the meal is not provided by Madison College Catering. 

Madison College Catering provides tablecloths for food service tables only. White linen tablecloths and cloth napkins can be provided upon request for an additional charge of $7.00 per tablecloth and $.50 per napkin. 

If china service is desired, please discuss with or call at 243-4050 when making your arrangements. A minimum fee of $1.50/person will be charged for china service with fewer than 35 people. For larger events where outside rental is involved, all direct costs will be billed back to the event originator.