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The Community College Sustainable Development Network (CCSDN) provides transformational service learning opportunities abroad for students while providing the training and institutional capacity building to grow opportunities at community colleges across the country. This network, founded and managed by Madison Area Technical College (Madison College), is aimed at internationalizing STEM education and expanding community college participation in study abroad.

Network Activities Include:

  • Study Abroad Opportunities for Students
    CCSDN works to create new faculty-led service learning programs related to applied sciences and sustainable development. Current programs include opportunities in engineering, architecture, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and ecology, education, health care and other disciplines.
  • Health, Safety and Program Management Training
    The CCSDN program provides a robust model of faculty training including opportunities to shadow leads on existing programs, workshops on best practices in risk management and program design, sample handbooks and forms, and connection to existing programs providers and resources.
  • Capacity Building for Community College Internationalization
    Recognizing that many community colleges lack the staff or training to grow safe and affordable study abroad programs in-house, this program builds on literature of best practices in the field of international education to provide community college leaders with the models and capacity building training to scale internationalization efforts through cost-recovery or minimal investment program opportunities.
  • Professional Development networking for Faculty
    Networking among CCSDN membership allows faculty to connect with peers to develop collaborative programs abroad, share ideas, and learn about opportunities and resources.