Ceramics 1 (20815290) Introduces clay as an art medium through demonstration of and experimentation with basic hand-building methods. Encourages individual involvement with the media. Emphasizes personal expression and exploration of texture, form and surface decoration. Covers electric and raku firing, relevant vocabulary and some of the technical aspects of clay.

Ceramics 2 (20815291) Covers either the development of basic wheel throwing skills or advanced hand building techniques. Students work with glaze development through both judicious testing and empirical formulas. Electric and raku firing will be explored. Prerequisite: Ceramics 1.

Ceramics Sculpture 1 (20815294) Focuses on developing the ability to make, by hand, ceramic sculpture through creative projects. Forming techniques, glazing, and kiln stacking are an integral part of the class and are learned through hands-on activities. Students make creative and innovative sculpture in this laboratory class as research and critique works of art.

Ceramics Sculpture 2 (20815295) This course is a continuation of Sculpture 1. Prerequisite: Sculpture 1.

Ceramics Firing Techniques/Alternative Methods (20815296) This course focuses on various firing techniques as they relate to ceramic vessels and sculptures.

Ceramics Independent Study (20815293)  Students will work independently on ceramics projects under the supervision of an instructor. Instructor permission required.