Chemical Emergency

DO NOT underestimate the hazards associated with a chemical spill.

A MAJOR CHEMICAL SPILL is considered a spill which poses a health or safety hazard to others, the environment, or the facilities.

A MINOR CHEMICAL SPILL refers to (1) a quantity and type of material which the employee normally works with; (2) where outside resources are not needed and where others, the environment, or the facilities are not at risk; and (3) the spill can be cleaned up with appropriate spill clean-up procedures for this chemical. Clean-up of the material spilled should proceed only if the employee can identify the chemical and has been trained concerning the hazards of the chemical. *

If MAJOR SPILL occurs:

  1. Evacuate area.
  2. Call 9-911.
  3. Contact the Public Safety Department at (608) 245-2222 (answered 24 hours).

If MINOR SPILL occurs:

  1. Contact Safety Manager for reporting purposes and assistance.
  2. Reference MSDS or other appropriate reference material.
  3. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
  4. Clean-up and depose of materials as appropriate/ required.

Note: Please contact the Safety Manager directly at (608) 246-6291 for any questions or concerns relating to District environmental, health and safety issues.