Chemistry Student Success Stories


Ramsey Kropp

Ramsey Kropp considered his academic skills to be lacking when he came to Madison College. After receiving poor grades in high school followed by four years in the U.S. Army, he planned to establish himself as a strong student at Madison College before attempting transfer into an engineering program. Ramsey’s chemistry instruction experience at Madison College was a revelation. Describing his experience at Madison College he said "The class sizes were reasonable, Madison College instructors were more interested in teaching and ensuring student success than in research, and I found that my instructors truly cared about my academic progress."

Upon completing his prerequisite courses, Ramsey was immediately accepted into the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he felt well-prepared in his chemical knowledge. He loved Madison College so much that he came back as a student teacher to help design playground equipment for handicapped children in Honduras, and a biodiesel reactor for Madison College, both as part of a introductory engineering class in the Madison College/University of Wisconsin engineering transfer program. Ramsey completed his bachelor’s degree and was accepted into the graduate Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While a graduate student he returned once again to Madison College to teach some of the very same chemistry labs he had taken years before.



Ali Shishehgar

When Ali Shishehgar decided to change career paths from computer science to pharmacy, he had no background in the chemistry skills essential to his new career choice. Ali looked to Madison College in order to obtain the chemistry knowledge he would need to learn from scratch in order to pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test. Ali found the quality of the chemistry courses offered at Madison College to be high. In addition to teaching in such a way that chemistry made sense, Ali found that the Madison College Chemistry Department instructors were available any time that he had a question.


Upon completing his prerequisite courses primarily at Madison College, Ali scored well on the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and successfully applied to the highly competitive Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ali feels that his chemistry experience at Madison College fully prepared him both for entry into and success in his newly chosen field.



Anne Rowe

Through volunteering at a retirement center and working as a technical writer for a local medical software company, Anne Rowe knew that she wanted to further her education in the health care industry, but wasn't yet sure what form that would take. So she began taking science courses at Madison College and exploring her career options. Here Anne discovered that she had lot in common with her classmates - a diverse and interesting group of students, many of whom were also training for a new career in the health fields after being out of school for some time.


Anne found the College Chemistry 1 and College Chemistry 2 courses to be challenging, but presented in an accessible format and good practice for her eventual career choice of physical therapy. While completing her pre-requisite courses, Anne applied to four well-known physical therapy programs and was accepted to all, choosing Duke University. Anne points out that chemistry is so embedded into health-specific courses such as anatomy and physiology, human development, cell biology, neurology, pharmacy and others, that a good understanding of chemistry has been essential for her continued success.