Class Refund Schedule

The following is the Wisconsin Technical College System (State Board) policy refund/reduction schedule administrated by Madison College.

Student Request Date Percent of Refund/Reduction
The following refund calculations are determined by the time period between the class start and end dates. Withdrawals from accelerated and shorter term classes after classes begin may result in a No Refund.

  • Prior to class start date - 100% refund
  • Prior to 11% of class completed – 80% refund
  • From 11% and prior to 20% of class completed – 60% refund
    • This is the last period in which students may drop a degree credit class without receiving an official status of "W" (withdrawn) on their record.
  • After 20% of class completed – No Refund
    • Dropping a degree credit class during this time will result in a "W" (withdrawn) on a student's record. Students can withdraw from a class up until 90% of class completion. See FAQ 983 for assistance. 

For examples of common course start dates and potential refund dates, visit FAQ 630.

Financial Aid/Veterans Benefits Recipients: Dropping classes may affect receipt of aid and require repayment of funds received.


  • Non-attendance does not constitute a cancellation of registration (i.e. dropping a class), and students will be responsible for tuition and fees not paid, except in cases of cancellation or discontinuance of classes by the college.
  • Students who are reported as "no shows," who do not attend the first class meeting, or who do not log into an online class by the first day of class without officially dropping will not receive a refund and will be responsible for payment of the applicable tuition and fees.

Refund calculations are determined after a class is dropped and the tuition calculation process is run. Students should review potential refund and/or tuition balance due in their Student Center account after completing a class drop action. For assistance with understanding drop dates in relation to individual class refund/reduction periods, students may call the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.

If you have additional questions, search our knowledge base of frequently asked Tuition/Fees questions available through askMadisonCollege, submit a Records Category Question or contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.