Section Change & Class Swap

Class Swap Requirements

Students should ensure class swap requirements are met prior to attempting to swap classes:

  • Swap is valid for degree/credit courses only. Nondegree/noncredit classes do not qualify for swap.
  • Classes must have start dates within 7 calendar days of each other.
  • The WTCS Refund Policy applies to all classes dropped within a swap transaction after the class start date.
  • After the last date to enroll for a class has passed, it cannot be added via self-service. Enrollment Center staff can assist through 4:00 pm the Friday prior to the Date of Record.
  • Financial Aid and/or Veterans Educational Benefits may be impacted by a swap transaction. Contact the Enrollment Center prior to taking action.
  • All class requirements (e.g, pre-/co-requisites, department/instructor consent, reserved status, etc.) must be met for the swap to succeed
  • Classes with fractional units (e.g., 0.5 units, 1.5 units, etc.) or more than 5 units cannot be swapped via self-service. Contact the Enrollment Center for assistance.
  • If enrollment into the added class is unsuccessful (e.g., class/waitlist closed, requisites not met, etc.) the swap process will not drop the class the student is currently enrolled in. The swap process ensures that a student is successfully enrolled in the new class prior to dropping the old class.
  • If a student elects to be placed on a waitlist for the swap class being added, the swap will not occur until the student is auto-enrolled/enrolled off of the waitlist into the class; in such scenarios, tuition/fees are calculated back to the original swap transaction date, not the date the student was added to the class from the wait list.

Students are assessed tuition and fees per the WTCS Refund Policy. Swap tuition/fee calculations are summarized as follows:

  • Where the fee for an added class exceeds the fee for a dropped class, students will be assessed the additional fee only.
  • Where the fee for a dropped class exceeds the fee for the added class, students will receive the appropriate WTCS Refund Policy refund based on the entire difference of both class fees.
  • Where the fee for a dropped course equals the fee for an added class, students are not assessed any fee.