Classes Begin Fall Semester


Classes begin - Fall Semester
Admission Requirements

Qualified students are accepted on a first come, first serve basis upon completion of the following requirements:
1.  Submit an application for admission along with a $35 application fee.
2.  Submit high school transcripts or GED scores.
3.  Complete the pre-acceptance COMPASS and mechanical aptitude tests.
4.  Meet the minimum selection criteria established for the program.
5.  Secure approved dealer sponsorship (PDF, 73 KB).

Upon completion of these requirements, applicants will be notified of their admission status.  When the program reaches capacity, students will be placed on availability status - - pending an opening.

1.      An application package may be obtained by contacting the School of Applied Technology at Madison College (608) 246-6800.

2.  High School Transcripts:
Applicants must be high school graduate or GED equivalent.

3.  Pre-Acceptance Test:
The pre-acceptance compass test is composed of five parts (writing, reading, math skills, elementary algebra, and mechanical reasoning). Applicants should schedule a test date and school tour with Robert Gray Jr. at 1-800- 322-6282 ext 6834.  Local calls can be made to (608) 246-6834.

4.  Dealer Sponsorship:
Applicants must complete an interview with an authorized dealer representative to secure sponsorship.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure this sponsor.  Applicants should take the dealer approval form (PDF, 73 KB) to the interview.  If it is determined that sponsorship will be provided, the authorized representative will return the completed form to the School of Applied Technology office at Madison College.  If sponsorship is not granted by the student’s first dealer choice the applicant should seek an interview with another dealership.  Some helpful hints in finding a dealer sponsor.

We encourage potential student applicants to secure a dealer sponsor before beginning the application process or as early as possible in the admissions process.  We are also recommending that the student work for the dealership during the summer prior to starting school in the fall.