Instructors may add recorded lectures, presentations or use web-conferencing using Blackboard's Collaborate. Your Blackboard class may use Collaborate to chat by voice or text, share a whiteboard, simultaneously view web pages or video, work in groups, view or share documents, view a PowerPoint presentation, take surveys or quizzes, watch a pre-recorded session or lecture, and more. 

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Equipment: To participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session, you'll need a computer with an reliable internet connection, and speakers or headphones. If you are participating in an audio session, you may use a microphone, for example, you could use a USB headset or the built-in webcam on a laptop.

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Use this browser check to make sure your computer is set up to work well with Blackboard Collaborate -


Each time you click a link in Blackboard to connect to a Collaborate session or meeting, a JAVA Quickstart Applet is launched.

  • Be patient. Connecting can take several minutes.
  • Most computers already have the JAVA Quickstart Applet installed, otherwise it should install automatically. You need to have administrator rights to download software on the computer.
  • When Collaborate launches, you'll see a window with a list of participants. 

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Participating in a Collaborate teleconference using Audio only

Help for Blackboard Collaborate:

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