Early College Achievement Program

ECAP, Madison College's Early College Achievement Program, offers high school students several options to earn college credit while still in high school! These are great opportunities which help students prepare for college courses and allow them to earn early college credit, often tuition-free.

For more information on early college credit, our Articulation Handbook (PDF, 517 KB) is a great document containing explanations about different options available to high school students. We also have a College Credit Opportunities brochure (PDF, 776 KB), which provides a quick overview of Madison College's early college credit choices.

Educators: Interested in bringing ECAP to your school?

Dual Credit

Enroll in a dual credit course and receive credit for both high school and college simultaneously! You can experience the rigor and challenges of college courses surrounded by your friends in a familiar setting without missing the fun of high school. You will learn from familiar high school teachers who are certified to teach college courses!

  • Earn both high school and college credit at same time
  • Get a head start on college prerequisites
  • Available for juniors and seniors
  • No direct cost to you or your parents
  • At the end of the class, you will have a college transcript on record
  • Courses offered vary by school district, check with your counselor for your options


Youth Options

Take college courses at Madison College while still attending high school! You will be registered as a Madison College student and have full access to all the support and services, all paid for by your local school district!

  • Available for juniors and seniors at Wisconsin public schools
  • Opens the doors to learning opportunities for students who are considering a technical career, want to begin college early, or want to prepare to enter the workforce directly
  • Courses can not be comparable to a course currently available at your high school
  • Our Youth Options Course Guide (PDF, 626 KB) includes information on Youth Options, as well as a list of courses available for high school students
  • Further information is available at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Youth Options site


Advanced Standing

  • Gain tuition-free credit and advanced standing for taking tech college program equivalent courses at your high school
  • Attend a Wisconsin Technical College within 27 months of graduation from high school and you may be eligible to gain retroactive college credit
  • Courses offered vary by school district, check with your counselor for your options
  • Advanced Standing course list for 2013-2014 school year (PDF, 304 KB)


Youth Apprenticeship

Get paid while you learn! Work in a business or industry environment and gain valuable on-the-job training.

  • Rigorous statewide program for juniors and seniors
  • One or two year opportunities
  • Completing the two year program may earn you retroactive Madison College credit
  • Available in automotive, biotechnology, drafting and design (architectural, engineering, and mechanical design), finance, health, hotel/motel, manufacturing, printing, and tourism
  • If you have questions, contact your high school counselor or check out Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship site


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact D'Ann Zickert at (608) 243-4650.