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Art Department (College Transfer Courses)

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  • Most courses are offered at the Downtown Education Center, Madison
    • Select Courses available at Truax in Madison, Watertown and Fort Atkinson
  • For information call: (800) 322-6282 Ext. 6003 or (608) 246-6003

About the Department

College transfer art courses are accepted with full credit to two-year and four-year programs in the University of Wisconsin System, Edgewood College, and many other institutions. College transfer art credits can be used as elective credits or toward your Associate Degree in Art.  Our primary mission is to provide a rigorous foundation in studio art, preparing students to succeed as they transfer into degree programs that best fit their career interests. The problem-solving skills learned in College Transfer Art provide a foundation for innovative thinking in any major.

Experience hands-on exploration of materials and concepts that will allow you to find solutions unique to you. 

Foundation Art Courses

Foundation Courses are required at most 4-year schools before taking intermediate courses in painting, drawing, sculpture and other disciplines.

  • Drawing Fundamentals (20815205) 3 credits
  • Drawing 2 (20815215) 3 credits
  • Basic Design (20815201) 3 credits
  • 3-Dimensional Design (20815203) 3 credits
  • Art History: Ancient to Medieval (20815200) 3 credits
  • Art History:  Renaissance to Modern (20815210) 3 credits

(UW Madison does not offer Basic Design and has replaced this course with their Intro to Digital Forms course. Modern Art Survey and Contemporary Art Survey are required as part of their foundation courses, both of these courses are offered here at Madison College.)

View work from College Transfer Art Faculty 

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