Committee on Retention Effectiveness

The Committee on Retention Effectiveness (CORE) is responsible for leading, coordinating and implementing Madison College's Plan for Student Retention. Specifically the CORE is charged to:

  • Direct and coordinate relevant data collection processes
  • Analyze and communicate retention data and best practices across campus
  • Share ideas and initiate conversations on issues contributing to retention, such as campus culture, shifting student demographics, course outcomes and trends, etc.
  • Recommend the implementation of programs for identifiable at-risk groups
  • Participate in national research and conferences as appropriate
  • Evaluate intuitional policies, practices and procedures as they pertain to retention of students

CORE Members:

Keith Cornille, Executive Administrator

Carlotta V. Calmese, Chair

Lori Sebranek, representative from Learner Success

Ali Zarrinnam, representative from Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE)

Rona McNeil, representative from Technology Services

Christopher page, representative from the School of Academic Advancement

James (Jim) Merrit, representative from Testing & Assessment

Rocio Martiniz, representative from the Student Development Center (SDC)

Sandy Hall, representative from Disability Resource Services (DRS)

Renee Alfano, representative from Student Life

Sandra Doctor, representative from Business & Applied Technologies

Roxanne Zetzmann, representative for the Enrollment Center