Community Councils

About the Community Councils of Color

The Community Councils of Color were initiated by Learner Success and the Office of Diversity and Community Relations (DCR) to strengthen and deepen ties with our four historically targeted ethnic minority communities. Members are community volunteers who wish to impact student learning, access and success and who wish to become more embedded in the fabric of the college. Members serve in various capacities at the college, including hiring and program advisory committees, serving as guest speakers and providing general assistance with the recruitment of staff, faculty and students.

Members meet each semester as a means to foster communication between the college and the ethnic minority communities we serve.

If you would like to join the Community Councils of Color or would like additional information, please email us at dcr@madisoncollege.edu or call 608/246-6458.

Communities of Color Advisory Council

The Communities of Color Advisory Council was established in 2010 in an effort to further strengthen and improve the understanding of the college's mission related to the needs of our ethnic minority communities. The role of the council is to advise the college on issues related to student success, the hiring of racial and ethnic minority staff reflective of the college district, and on increased community involvement.

Appointments are made by the college for a two-year term.  Appointees are ethnic minority individuals who have a vested interest in the personal and academic success of our ethnic minority students and the faculty and staff who serve and guide them. The Council's membership is comprised of individuals from each historically underrepresented ethnic minority group. 

For 2012/2013, the membership is:

  • African American / Black - Corinda Rainey-Moore*, Dr. Eugene Johnson*, Vencint Thomas, Suzanne Dorsey-Sterling, Langston Evans
  • Asian - Dr. Elizabeth Reyes*, Dr. Philip Yang*, Song Lee, Shou Herr, Agnes G. Cammer
  • Latino / Hispanic -  Oscar Mireles*, Joe Maldonado*, Fabiola Hamdan, Rissel Sanderson, Clara Barbosa, Mario Cano, Juan Jose Lopez
  • Native American - Rachel Byington*, Janet Saiz, Danielle Yancey

* denotes steering committee leads

The Advisory Council calls the open membership meetings of the Community Councils of Color and enlists those members' assistance to accomplish the work of the Advisory Council.