Confidentiality and Rights of Our Clients

photo of counselor with studentWe are required by law and by professional ethics to protect the confidentiality of all communication between you and your counselor. In some situations involving danger and/or risk of imminent harm to yourself or specifically identified others, (i.e. child abuse, or dependent adult abuse) your counselor is required to disclose certain information in order to protect you and/or others.

In certain legal situations, including court order, your counselor is required to disclose information as necessary to comply with the law in that situation. If at all possible, your counselor will discuss the procedures for doing this with you and enlist your assistance in a resolution of the situation that has necessitated such disclosure.
Consequently we cannot discuss with others the details of your situation or even indicate whether you are in fact using counseling services. In order for information about you to be released to others, we must first get your written permission.
To authorize the release of information, complete the Authorization for Release of Information form (PDF, 176KB) and submit the form to your counselor.
For more additional information please refer to information provided by the American Counseling Association (ACA)