Conflict Management Services (CMS)

photo of Mediation session

As students, staff and faculty interact, conflicts arise. Conflict Management Services (CMS) offers assistance when conflicts happen. Conflict Management Services staff remain objective and neutral in assisting members of the campus community to address student-related conflicts. The primary goal is to facilitate “win-win” agreements, where better communication and understanding among community members ultimately improve relationships, increase retention, and promote academic success.

CMS offers a variety of services and resources including counseling, consultation, mediation, crisis prevention and intervention to help manage conflicts between individuals or within groups. The CMS staff can help with conflicts, such as student code of conduct issues, academic disagreements, interpersonal conflicts, discrimination/harassment allegations, and non-academic student grievances.

A major purpose of CMS is to promote student success by helping students learn conflict management skills so they can effectively work through conflicts without prematurely resorting to formal grievance procedures or withdrawing from difficult situations.