Construction Update

Updated September 4, 2013

Construction is completed at all four of the regional campus locations. The Protective Services Center at Truax is the first project in Madison to reach the finish line. 

Did you know that of the 106 tradespeople at the Truax Campus, 29% trained at Madison College? Take a look below for status updates on all construction locations.

Truax Campus

Entrance/Walkway Update
The main entrance to the Gateway is open! 

Health Education Building

Health Education Building Rendering


Health Education Building Live Construction View 1

Live Construction View 1
(Streaming Video)

Health Education Building Live Construction View 2

Live Construction View 2
(Streaming Video)

Construction of the three-story Health Education Center continues on the Truax campus. The green roof installation is complete! The classrooms feature state-of-the-art technology for future health students and the 4,000 square foot community clinic.

The installation of subterranean pipes connecting the building to our nearby geothermal field has been completed and will provide ground-sourced heating and cooling for the building. This will prove economical and environmentally sustainable. Geothermal energy is a key initiative in the College’s Smart Future Building Plan. The infrastructure will include a 13,300 square foot eco-friendly roof, LED lighting indoors, and rain gardens that surround the building. Regional limestone on the exterior of the building is completed. Classes began in the new building in August 2013. 


  • 170,000 square-foot building
  • Virtual Hospital Training Center with 6 Simulation Labs
  • Community Health Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Therapeutic Massage Clinic

Protective Services Building: Complete

Protective Services Building Rendering


Protective Services Building Live Construction View

Live Construction View
(Streaming Video)

The Protective Services Building is done. Students finished up the first semester of classes in the new facility.

Protective Services is the hub of the College’s first-responder program and will house the criminal justice, fire service and emergency medical technician programs.


  • 81,400 square-foot building
  • Apparatus & Training Bays
  • Simulation and Scenario Rooms
  • CSI & Cyber Security Labs
  • Defense Tactics Training

Gateway Entrance

Gateway Entrance Rendering


Gateway Interior Live Construction View

Live Construction View
(Streaming Video)

The College’s student-inspired main entrance makes a strong impression on visitors. Many of the features of this welcome center were designed by Madison College students, including the 3D LED waterfall, wood accents, and live plants. The aroma of espresso shots pulled by baristas wafts through the air as visitors enter the front doors.

The Gateway provides student-centered services which include a new Student Achievement Center, revamped Enrollment Services, an expanded library, a gallery to showcase student projects and artwork, and a second-floor coffeehouse. Stop by to view the new ambiance.


  • 88,000 square-foot building
  • 3 Story Atrium
  • Library
  • Welcome Center
  • Student Success Services

Ingenuity Center

Ingenuity Center Rendering


Ingenuity Center Live Construction View

Live Construction View
(Streaming Video)

The Ingenuity Center is a rectangular addition that connects to the school’s existing commons areas to this new space. As you drive by, you may notice the glass curtain walls gleaming in the sun. The Ingenuity Center attaches to the new Gateway Entrance and houses a larger space for the Advanced Manufacturing program. 


  • 62,000 square-foot addition
  • Hands-on CNC Training Center
  • Manufacturing Labs

Regional Campuses

Fort Atkinson: Completed

Fort Atkinson Rendering

This project finished up in time for students in Fall 2012. The ribbon-cutting ceremony showcased a group of welding students, one of whom cut the metal ribbon with an oxyfuel torch in the expanded Advanced Manufacturing Lab. The new additions transformed the space inside, expanding many of the resources that students need, such as a large commons area, a new Student Achievement Center, and a library.


  • 6,000 square-foot addition
    • Advanced Manufacturing Lab
    • Library
    • Student Achievement Center
  • 3,000 square-foot renovation
    • Administrative Spaces
    • New Restrooms

Portage: Completed

Portage Rendering

The building has expanded to include two new science labs equipped with the latest models, facilities and equipment. Much of this project focuses on re-purposing and renovating the existing building. The expanded space will allow the campus to offer more classes and new classes. This project was completed in time for Fall 2012 classes.

  • 2,200 square-foot addition
    • 2 Science Labs
  • 3,400 square-foot renovation
    • New Telepresence Classroom
    • Open-space Student Lounge
    • Conference Rooms
    • Updated and Expanded Restrooms
    • Administrative Spaces

Reedsburg: Completed

Reedsburg Rendering

The project almost doubles the campus size and all construction completed in July 2012. Dramatic changes at the Reedsburg campus include the addition of an expanded library and a new 18-seat TelePresence classroom.

Another change is a cost-effective, space-efficient greenhouse—the Hoop House. The Hoop House space will be used for classes that include farming and gardening as part of the curriculum. Extra space in the Hoop House is already rented out to local farmers and entrepreneurs. The renovations include new offices, classrooms, restrooms and expanded student space.


  • 8,500 square-foot addition
    • 2 Classrooms
    • 1 TelePresence Room
    • Student Achievement Center
    • Library
  • 6,100 square-foot renovation
    • New Commons Area
    • Administrative Spaces
    • New Restrooms

Watertown: Completed

Watertown Rendering

Watertown campus construction is also complete. The ribbon-cutting ceremony in fall 2012 featured a plastic ribbon of DNA strands. The expanded facilities will allow the campus to accommodate more classes and more students, including more liberal arts transfer classes for students interested in eventually completing a B.A. at another college.


  • 10,000 square-foot addition
    • 2 Science Labs
    • 1 Active Learning Classroom
    • 1 Telepresence Classroom
    • 2 Standard Classrooms
    • Student Achievement Center
    • 2 Community Rooms
  • 3,800 square-foot renovation
    • Administrative Spaces
    • Updated and Expanded Restrooms

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For project-specific details, contact Mike Stark, Facilities Director, at (608) 246-6737 or Cary Heyer, Public Relations Manager at (608) 246-6443.