Contact the Career and Employment Center

Please contact us with questions, to make an appointment, or check on the availability of walk-in assistance.

Phone: 608-243-4598
Email: careerandemployment@madisoncollege.edu
For inquiries related specifically to Wisconsin TechConnect™ please email TechConnect@madisoncollege.edu.

Madison Truax Campus - Career and Employment Center
Gateway, Room A1003

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Career and Employment Advisors:
Rochelle Wanner
Trish Carringi (Employment Success Program)
Viola Miller (Employment Success Program)
Alaina Trgovich (WorkSmart  Network)
Allison Batterman (WorkSmart Network - East Region)

Souleevanh Thao (WorkSmart Network - North Region)

Coordinator, Tools for Tomorrow Program:
Nancy Nakkoul

Student Employees:
Ben Hartwig
Micah Riecker
Valese Adams
Emily Ciriacks

TechConnect Specialist/Administrative Coordinator:
Patty Geske

Gretchen Rixie

Academic and Career Advisors are also available at each of the Madison College metro and regional campuses. Hours and availability vary by campus.

View advisors and availability at other Madison College campuses