Cooking Professional Development

These courses are designed for professionals in the food Industry; students need to complete the approval inquiry form below.

Professional Food Carving and Garnishing

Nishitha Ilanderage with food carvings

Want to make your food beautiful? Learn the basics of fruit and vegetable carving techniques to enhance food plating, create decorative serving vessels and beautiful centerpieces. Begin by making garnishes with turning and paring knives, your peeler and chef knife. Find out which sculpting tools will be most useful for creating elegant melon and vegetable carvings. Learn which fruits and vegetables will give the best results when making food art. You will make leaves, flowers, fruit bowels, animals and fancy melon carvings. Practice skills that will translate into beautiful designs for displays, buffets, holidays and special occasions. Course will be taught by Madison College Culinary staff member and award winning vegetable carving specialist Nishitha Ilanderage. 

#67722   $225   M   6:00pm-9:00pm   5/5-5/19   Truax Campus

Molecular Cooking

The term “molecular cooking” has been used to describe a modern style of cooking that utilizes technological innovations in food science to create new food experiences. This course will explore many of these “new” techniques with chef demonstrations and Kevin Appletonhands-on experimentation. This course is designed to be more of an introduction to the vast subject area. New products, equipment and techniques are being invented all the time. Areas of study include: common hydrocolloids and their applications, other emulsifiers and stabilizers, chamber vacuum sealers and sous-vide cooking with immersion circulators and Combi ovens, foaming canisters and more. 

#11174   $99   M   6:00pm-8:30pm   7/7-7/14   Truax Campus

Professional Cooking for Special Diets

Learn how to make both simple and elevated cuisine for your customers with special dietary needs. This hand-on cooking series will cover recipes, specialty ingredients and innovative cooking techniques for Vegetarian & Vegans, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Common Food Allergy-Free and Heart Healthy diets. This course will be taught by Kevin Appleton (pictured at right).

#10960   $325   M   6:00pm-9:00pm   6/2-6/30   Truax Campus