Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Madison College provides services for Deaf/hard of hearing(D/hh) students in the classrooms, for extracurricular activities, and for certain Madison College events.  A student must follow the steps below to get services and meet with a specialist in order to receive these services. 


Hearing loss or deafness is considered a sensory disability and an audiogram is the specific documentation required by Disability Resource Services.

Services & Accommodations

D/hh students may qualify for one or more of the following:

  • Sign language interpreting/transliterating
  • Case management
  • Speech-to-text captioning (i.e. C-Print, CART)
  • Note-takers
  • FM system
  • Multimedia captioning
  • Other services or accommodations, depending on the student's specific disability.

Students Using Interpreters or Captionists

We recommend the student request interpreting or captioning services at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester or class by emailing the interpreter coordinator.

The student must follow the Disability Resource Services procedure for How to Get Started.

Students using interpreters or captionists will have to sign and agree to specific policies and procedures.

Financial Assistance for D/hh Students

Students with a hearing loss may qualify for a grant through the Wisconsin Hearing/Visually Handicapped Program (scroll to the bottom of their page). The maximum award per year is $1800.  More information and the form can be found on Madison College's Financial Aid website under Grants

Request an Interpreter

There are several ways to contact the Interpreter Coordinator.