Definition of Retention

Retention comes in more than one form. Some students remain enrolled full-time each semester until graduation. Some students remain enrolled, but on a part-time basis and yet other students, called stopouts, leave the college at one point and then come back. Transfer students begin at one institution and then transfer to another - an often normal and successful progression.

The Madison College Retention Plan focuses on first-time, first-year students enrolling from fall-to-fall. The current rate of first-time, first-year students who enrolled at Madison College and returned for the fall semester a year later is 55.8%. Ther persistence rate, which is defined as first-time, first-year students who enroll in the fall and remain enrolled the following spring, is 72.2%.

It is worth noting, it's not possible, or necessary, to retain 100% of our students from one fall to the next. Some students in fact intend to leave for transfer opportunities to four-year colleges, for job opportunities, and for a variety of other successful reasons.